Posted: 01/09/19 | January 9th, 2019

Happy 2019, my fellow travelers!

This is going to be a big year at Nomadic Matt HQ. I have some big personal news I’ll be sharing next week (no, I’m not getting married. Yet.) and big news about the direction of this web site (I used the holidays to map out my vision for 2019) that I’ll also be sharing soon (hint: we’re going back to basics).

But, ideal now, I want to talk about our books.

As you all know, we offer in-depth how-to guides to destinations around the world to help you plan your trip better.

They’re like a Lonely planet or rough Guide…but way better!

My guides are for those of you who want to break the mold and get off the well-trodden vacationer path. They take what you love about this site and supercharge it. They include my favorite hostels, restaurants, and bars — spots you probably won’t find provided elsewhere!

We’re regularly broadening and improving the books so that you, the reader, can have the most updated and robust information possible!

Last year, we put all our books on Kindle, fixed our map issue, and added a lot more family-friendly activities.

At the beginning of every year, we do a massive overhaul! Over the last couple of months, we have been updating these guides based on your feedback to our previous editions.

In addition to the normal updates of prices, practicalities, etc., we have also greatly broadened our books. These new editions include a bunch of new sections:

Interesting facts about each destination

Information about local cuisine (so you know what to try!)

Expanded transportation sections

A chart with the distances to/from nearby destinations

Tips on traveling as a senior

Tips on traveling if you’re disabled

Ways to stay safe and scams to look out for

Month-by-month guide providing great celebrations and events to attend

Price guide so you get an idea of how much everything must cost

Additionally, you’ll find all sorts of other good stuff in each book:

Suggested budgets

In-depth ways to save money

Suggested itineraries (with maps)

What to do and see (with a focus on free, cheap, and off-beat attractions)

My favorite places to eat

My favorite places to sleep

Nightlife suggestions

Practicalities (business hours, vacationer information centers, public holiday info, electricity, phones abroad, emergency and legal information, visa guidelines, LGBTQ travel tips, best times to visit, etc.)

Transportation maps

A history section

Book and motion picture suggestions related to the destination

Language sections

Below is a list of all our destination guidebooks (if you purchase a book as a PDF, you get the second one for an additional 50% off too):

Learn a lot more | get Kindle

Learn a lot more | get Kindle

Learn a lot more | get Kindle

Learn a lot more | get Kindle

Learn a lot more | get Kindle

Learn a lot more | get Kindle

Learn a lot more | get Kindle

NOTE: PDFs can be read on iPads and iPhones by means of the iBooks app if you get the PDF version.

Additionally, we’re now using bundles of our books too:

The Asia bundle – get all our Asia guides plus our travel hacking guide for one low price! This bundle is only $50 $24.99!! That’s 50% off the original price!

The Europe bundle – get all our Europe guides plus our travel hacking guide for one low price! This bundle is only $60 $24.99!! That’s 60% off the original price!

Our complete Collection – get EVERY guide we sell for one low price! This bundle is only $120 $39.99!! That’s 66% off the original price!

The utmost guide to travel Hacking

Lastly, we just updated our book on travel hacking. If you’re seeking to learn how to master points and miles in the new year and not pay for flights or accommodation, pick up our new edition. The price is $9.99 (regularly $29.99), and the new update includes:

New award charts (and other charts throughout the book)

Best new cards to get

Completely updated information on credit scores and credit scores scores

More ideas on how to manufacture spending in 2019

Everything in the book has been updated (as you know this information changes quickly, so be sure to get this version to make sure you know how to travel hack the ideal way for 2019)

You can pick up this book and save money on flying for just $9.99!

(Note: If you already own a copy of this book, a new version is on its way to you! After all, you get updates for life when you purchase this book!)

So that’s it for today!

I’ll have a lot more news and regular stories coming next but we worked hard on these books and I want to share our new beautiful babies with you!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments!

– Matt

Book Your Trip: Logistical ideas and Tricks
Забронируйте свой рейс
Find a cheap flight by using Skyscanner. It’s my favorite search engine because it searches web sites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is left unturned.

Book Your Accommoдация
Вы можете забронировать свое общежитие с помощью Hostelworld. Если вы хотите остаться где -нибудь, кроме общежития, используйте Booking.com, поскольку они постоянно возвращают наименее дорогие тарифы для гостевых домов и отелей.

Не забудьте страховку путешествия
Страхование путешествий обеспечит вас от болезней, травм, кражи и отмены. Это подробная защита, если что -то пойдет не так. Я никогда не отправляюсь в поездку без нее, так как мне приходилось использовать его много раз в прошлом. Мои любимые компании, которые предлагают лучшие услуги и ценность:

Безопасность (лучше всего для всех)

Застраивать мою поездку (для тех, кто старше 70)

MedJet (для дополнительного покрытия эвакуации)

Готовы забронировать поездку?
Посмотрите на мою страницу ресурса, чтобы использовать лучшие компании, которые можно использовать во время поездки. Я перечисляю все, что использую, когда путешествую. Они лучшие в классе, и вы не ошибетесь, используя их в своей поездке.

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